Less than an hour drive from Tijuana lies the coastal town of Rosarito, a destination for beach lovers, celebrities and expats.

Rosarito sprawls around the Rosarito Beach Hotel, built in 1925, hugging the Pacific coast of Baja California. If you are a fan of the t.v. show “Fear the Walking Dead”, then you might recognize some of the hotel from the show. Certainly the cast and crew enjoyed their stay there during filming. Movie celebrities, musicians, artist and authors have made the Rosarito Beach Hotel famous.

Close by is the Baja Film Studios, built by Twenty Century Fox for the film Titanic, Pearl Harbor and James Bonds, Tomorrow Never Dies.

Rosario Beach Hotel and Spa

Rosarito Beach Hotel is composed of several sections built up over the years as popularity and modernism required. You still visit some of the original section of the hotel when you check in, looking up from the lobby, you can see some of the original hotel rooms.

A first class spa is located on the hotel grounds, in part of the original family residence, with many offerings to choose from.

Just make sure you make your reservation in advance as the spa is very popular.

The rooms are large and spacious!

Taking a stroll through-out the hotel grounds leads you on many paths, discovering pool, beach and a multitude of recreational areas to enjoy.

If you have a chance, I highly recommend a tour of the old quarters, the classic decor and tile work will amaze you.

The sights from the top of the new tower offer expansive views of the Pacific ocean and the beautiful town of Rosarito.


Rosarito, Baja California

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Rosarito is quite the opposite of Tijuana, it is quiet, yet busy, not the bustling hustle that drives Tijuana.

You can wander the streets in solitude and experience the many side streets, alleys and plazas that make discovery so much fun.

From amazing Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles murals.

To naturally creative architecture.

The streets of Rosarito are there for you to explore and discover!


Susanna’s restaurant

A gem of discovery is Susanna’s restaurant.

California native, expat and owner, Susanne Stehr, specializes in California Cuisine.

Utilizing only the freshest ingredients, rejecting the use of manufactured foods and relies mainly on fats from plants, seeds and nuts as well as lean protein sources.

The experience is spectacular!

Visiting Rosarito, Baja California is a great family experience full of discovery, food and entertainment.

Full disclosure: All foods provided at no charge to sample, there has been no monetary compensation and all views and opinions are my own. This media trip was sponsored by Tijuana Tourism and Convention Bureau with transportation provided by Ticketon and Turismo Express. Hotel accommodations provided by Rosarito Beach Hotel and Spa.