Never too Old to Travel is about my travel adventures, shared through my curious eyes, with the goal of showing you how to enjoy traveling at any age.

Who is Gary House


Gary House | Never Too Old To TravelBlogging since 2008 at his popular Cooking-Outdoors site, Gary has taught thousands of people the art of grilling and Dutch oven cooking through his many posts, classes, and videos. With over 24,000 subscribers and 2.7 million views on his YouTube channel, Gary is well known for his love of the outdoors and the great food you can create there!

One of the newest and most popular additions to his site has been Traveling 4 Food adventures.  Gary highlights food tours, cooking classes and foodie adventures, all while providing his unique and entertaining perspective on where he is and what he’s eating!  His fans are always asking “Where are you going next?”

Gary has worked successfully with major brands such as McCormicks, Potandon Produce, Cabot Cheese, Char-Broil, Camp Chef, Best of the West, and many others, delivering hundreds of unique recipes and cooking styles. Cooking-Outdoors is the go-to destination for the grilling, BBQ, and Dutch oven cooking enthusiast.

With a large, loyal and dedicated following across several mediums including Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest, Gary is no stranger to sharing what he’s doing.  Never too Old to Travel is his newest adventure, blending all of his talents, to share his adventures traveling the world solely and with his family, because Gary believes you are “Never to Old to Travel”.



About Never too Old to Travel


Never Too Old To Travel Website Banner | Gary HouseA few years ago, Gary was having a conversation with his parents, about life, family, and travel, when the “Why didn’t you travel more?” question came up. It wasn’t that his parents didn’t have the money to go, it was their shocking (to him) mindset of “being too old to travel.”  That comment pierced Gary to the core. His parents felt they were too old to travel anymore.  They talked about places they had been, and the list was small and limited. Life seemed to be passing them by and from that moment, Gary was fiercely determined not to let that happened to him!

So he started planning his journeys, learning everything he could about travel, travel hacking, budget travel, family travel and like most of us, traveling with limited funds. It’s a noble quest, creating excitement and challenges, but mostly opening his eyes to the world around him, leaving him breathless to the possibilities.

Sharing his adventures on Never too Old to Travel will be in Gary’s traditional style of in-depth dialog, supported with video and reviews as they happen. Gary will show you how he is getting there, what he is doing and the tricks and tools he uses to make it all come together.Save