Food tours can be fun, educational, belly busting, activities that will give you an insider’s glimpse of a city and let there be no doubt, Carmel Food Tours delivers! Over on my Outdoor Cooking Blog, Cooking-Outdoors, I share my foodie travel adventures on the popular “Traveling 4 Food” page, which is filling fast with food tours, cooking classes and such. Traveling 4 Food is my bridge between Outdoor Cooking and Traveling websites.

Carmel Food Tours is my bridge between Food adventuring and wandering aimlessly in Carmel-by-the-Sea, California. I have been to Carmel several times over the years, it’s only a couple hours drive from home, often wandering around for hours lost and bewildered by all of the dining choices available.

Exploring Carmel

This last trip, I had a plan:

  1. Explore the 42 Amazing Courtyards & Passageways in Carmel
  2. Take a food tour with Carmel Food Tours

We managed to explore many of the Courtyards & Passageways finding many of the hidden gems that exploration on foot can only reveal. I put my FitBit into overdrive that day and easily hit my 10,000 step goal for the weekend! You could, in a long afternoon, visit all 42 Courtyards & Passageways but I think you would miss a lot of the charm exploring has to offer if you rush things.

Take a Food Tour

One of my favorite activities, in a new city (or old), is going on a food tour. Carmel Food Tours offer two food tours, a breakfast tour, and a lunch tour, up to 3 hrs long. We opted for the 3 hr lunch tour with 7 different locations and a multitude of samples to satisfy our wild foodie urges.

I won’t go into all of the details, (you can read about them here:, other than saying, Carmel Food Tours delivered!

Carmel Food Tours

We walked, laughed, learned, tasted food that was new to many, enjoyed new beverage samples and discovered new places to visit only the locals know about. You do walk a great deal but that is a small price to pay for the adventures to be taken. Discover some of the historical trivia of Carmel, did you know they don’t use a street address in Carmel? That there is a hidden geodesic dome? You don’t have to travel to Bangkok to try Roasted grasshoppers!

Take a food tour, you will not find a better way to explore a city!

Please visit Carmel Food Tours for complete details!